• Heart Disease and Stress
    “Heart Attack” … Even a “Lion Hearted” person’s heart skips a beat when this word is spoken by a physician, sweat emerges on the forehead, and hands begin to tremble. There are numerous reasons for this, including survival, post-discharge life and professional adjustments, and, of course, the cost of immediate and long-term therapy. Patients would […]
  • Risks, Precautions, Procedure, and Tips for Valve Replacement Surgery
    A person’s heart’s four valves are involved in the process of blood supply in the liver. However, one or more of the valves may stop functioning due to a disease or a hereditary condition. In this situation, the patient will need valve replacement surgery to recover from this condition. Valve replacement surgery, according to the […]
  • Drinking Alcohol with Heart Disease, Is it Safe?
    There aren’t many people who would argue that drinking alcohol is good for you, but there is a surprising amount of misinformation about how drinking affects your heart. It’s especially important for people who have already had a heart attack or who have high blood pressure or heart disease to get clear information on how […]